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Spotlight - Accent and voice interview

Delighted to have been interviewed by Spotlight on the topic of "How to Master an Accent". I'm sure there'll be a wee tip or two in there for even the most practised of accent masters! 

IN! MAGAZINE - "Inspirational People"

IN! Magazine, based in Northern Ireland, were kind enough to include Nic Redman Voice in their IN!spirational People feature, showcasing interesting new businesses. Honoured to be amongst a group of incredibly focused young start ups. Watch out world!

IRELAND'S BIG ISSUE - "A day in the life" Feature

A little 'Day in the Life...' feature in Ireland's Big Issue, describing what it's like being a voice actor, sharing secrets about being able to work in my PJs. Delighted to be able to write for this magazine and support a great cause.

Big Issue

I AND THE VILLAGE - Accent coaching work

On this production I coached accents and character voicing techniques for the multi-role playing cast. It was an honour and a joy to work with them. A cracking piece of new writing with an excellent cast and team.


I was called upon by Alison and Phil to talk about accents. A quick tour of a few Celtic accents ensued from me, along with chat about the wonders of regional sounds. That's one way to start a Friday, at 7 am, live on air.

THE IRISH POST - "Ten Minutes with..."

A quick "Ten Minutes With..." feature for The Irish Post where I finally get to mention my love of Meatloaf in an interview. About time too. 

THE GUARDIAN - Accent Article 

I was quoted in this piece in The Guardian, by Matt Dathan, discussing whether accents really hinder your job prospects. I'm a huge advocate of embracing your accent, finding ways to make it work for you, and always willing to give my opinion on the topic!